Our second foray to Scotland was done the hard way – no more taking it easy flying up to Glasgow. This time we had a group bus – a Volkwagen Transporter with us and the gear aboard, plying our way up the M6 and M74 and beyond.. Yes beyond is the word. Beyond Glasgow the scenery gradually starts to resemble photographs I remember seeing of Antarctica. A deserted plateau. Raw and beautiful, a wilderness carpeted with tortured grass and rocks, and bordered by huge majestic mountains that often disappear into the sky. That was how Rannoch Moor greeted us and after that we got treated to Glen Coe which is like something out of The Lord of the Rings.

But what’s the mattter with me? – we went to play music not to gawp at the hills. Yes, Morganisation played three towns – Fort William, Oban and Arisaig (famous as one of the locations in the iconic movie ‘Local Hero’). We got to include three new songs in our set – two originals: ‘The Gates of Eternity’ and ‘Stella’ and a Beatles song: ‘Yes it is’ (the B side of ‘Ticket to Ride’ and like all their songs, a classic). The ‘Eternity’ song went down real good everytime we did it, and it got moved to to the end of the show, just before the obligatory ‘Mr.Blue Sky’. The guy who leads up the Stellas Voice organisation in Peterhead came to see us at Oban where he got to hear the ‘Stella’ song done live.