Things can always be better and things can also be much worse. What things? – things you can’t see because the wheel is spinning too quick. But when it slows down you get to see that those ‘things’ are the spokes which have been holding everything together all this time. If you’re playing it now you’re listening to Nicla Vece on beat box and Alex Lowe on guitar.

A song retelling the angst of two despotic warriors who reached for the heart of Russia and were seriously vanquished before it. I guess it’s also a metaphor of life in that we can get fixated on a goal that is just unreachable. Ugh – tell me about it! The other thing worth mentioning is that the late Carl Wayne can be heard singing on this (check out the last minute), which places the song’s timeline back to sometime in the last century!

A song for love and a song for Russia – it opens with a Russian proverb: ‘We are a dark people’. Originally written about a girl with the cover name of ‘Tanya’ (real name Tamara Bunke), a lover of the revolutionary leader Che Guevara. They both died in Bolivia in the 60s. “Will my name one day be forgotten and nothing of me remain on the Earth?” she wrote in a poem. Extra guitar parts are by Martin Smith.

I’ll do anything. I’ll go where I don’t want to go, I’ll hang out with people I hate, I’ll change my hair style, my religion – Whatever. I’ll do what it takes, just don’t leave me! Guitarists Alex Lowe plus Steve Hudson (in Scotland) helped me get the right flavor of despair for this song about the blackness of separation.

That train just keeps on rolling and we keep on looking out for the destination promised on the ticket, but it never seems to show up. Never mind, the view is fantastic and you can just sit back and enjoy the journey. And there’s always the guitar playing of Mark Jago and Alex Lowe to listen to.

I used to share a house with Bob & Megan back in the day. We bumped into each other at a gig: ‘Get up and sing Red Rose’ Bob shouted to me. ‘Red what?’ I asked. I had clean forgotten about this tune along with the situation that called it forth. Was it about a fallen woman or a fallen England, or what? Anyway here it is – refurbished, re-painted and decorated by MOrganisation.

Am I dreaming or what? It’s as high as the sky and as wide as forever. I can’t climb over it or go around it. All I can do is sail helpless toward it, listening to the chatter all around: ‘It’s not fair. Somebody should have told us. How come it’s a secret?’ … They all seem to be looking at me. I think they are blaming me for keeping it a secret. So here I am, not keeping it secret any more. Along with me singing you can hear Alex Lowe guitar-ing and Tony Clarkin of Magnum producing.
A glimpse into one of those apocalyptic Hollywood futures when cities have become either a refuge or a prison. (This song was probably penned by the same angel who wrote ‘Escape from the Citadel’ for the Earth Rise album!). It wasn’t originally written about Syria but it has become my ode to that conflict (‘Say, can you see, an end to all this agony’). Piano part is by Richard Tandy, guitars by Alex Lowe, and the operatic chorus voice by Lisa Carter.
There are seven wonders of the world, seven colours of the rainbow, seven seas and seven continents. There are seven days in a week and seven notes in a scale (and seven inches on an old 45rpm record!). Then there are seven hills of Rome, seven deadly sins and seven virtues and I’m told, seven mountains of society to climb. As numbers go, seven has a swish pedigree – and it’s also a perfect number! So here is SEVEN. It’s my seventh CD, with seven songs on it (plus a bonus track). Most of them are brand new but some have been in the slow cooker for a while. So here we go – One – Two – Three – Four – Seven!
Morganisation is not so much a band but my music creation tribe. The name was coined by Alan Piano-Smith in 2014 but long before that, great musicians helped me record my songs: Years ago I was with Tony Clarkin in the group Magnum and I am chuffed to have had his help on SEVEN producing ‘The Gates of Eternity’. There is a sad note of nostalgia in that the late Carl Wayne can be heard in the last minute of ‘Drive on to Moscow’ (singing the demo). In the 80’s I was with Richard Tandy in the world famous Electric Light Orchestra and his piano playing can be heard on the bonus track ‘Lookout on the Horizon’. Others who are not musicians joined the tribe to help me make SEVEN with funding, publicity and encouragement. Bless ‘em all. Dave Scott-Morgan

Morganisation Musicians:
On all tracks: Dave Scott-Morgan (Vocals, Acoustic Guitars and digital programming)
The Wheel: Nicla Vece (BeatBox), Alex Lowe (Guitar)
Drive on to Moscow: Carl Wayne (Vocals), Alex Lowe (Guitar)
Tanya: Martin Smith & Alex Lowe (Guitars).
Don’t Leave me Now: Alex Lowe (Guitar), Steve Hudson (extra Guitar), Mandy Scott-Morgan (B vox).
Long Time Coming: Alex Lowe & Mark Jago (Guitars),
Red Rose: Mandy Scott-Morgan, Alex Lowe, Alan Piano-Smith, Jack Rosa (helps and inspirations)
Gates of Eternity: Alex Lowe (Guitar & B vox) Tony Clarkin (extra Guitar), Lloyd Daker (Drums), Rick Benton (Keys), Andy Dunnett, Karl Pior, Mandy Scott-Morgan (B vox).
Lookout on the Horizon: Alex Lowe (Guitar), Richard Tandy (Electric Piano), Lisa Carter (Vocals).