Grand Oaks

It’s a fact that I have a lot of legacy stuff on my shelves, tracks recorded over the years that for various reasons, never saw the light of day. So this is the page where I post these ‘Grand Oaks’. It’s a behind-the scenes heads-up just for you guys. Stay plugged in!
Red Shift

As you will all doubtless know, Red Shift is the increase in the wavelength of light coming in from the stars apparently caused by the Doppler Effect of them moving away from us. Amongst other things, Red Shift has given rise to the Big Bang theory. Back on planet Earth, this song was the last one produced in the Tandy-Morgan-Smith period at the end of the 80s and it’s one of my favorites. On it you can hear Martin Smith, in quintessent hooligan mode, lashing his guitar with vim and vigour. Enjoy

Tequila Moonshot

An instrumental recorded by Richard Tandy and me in the early 80s (no other musicians involved). It has such a lovely lilt to it; never seems to know when to stop! - The track does however have something of an identity crisis:- In 1984, it was issued on the B side of the R&D (Richard and Dave) single ‘Berlin’, under the title ‘Nineteen Eighty Five‘. A few years later it found its way on to the soundtrack of the movie 'Distortions' under its new moniker 'Tequila Moonshot.'

Sweets for my Sweet

Never released Magnum single: Tony Clarkin, Kex and Bob Catley plus me singing lead and on bass, Richard Bailey on keyboards and flute. Here's the CBS record version:

Sweets - Nest Demo

... and here is the demo recording made at Nest Studios Birmingham - with quirky 'God rest ye Merry Gentlemen' bit in the middle!

Oh boy I'm Cold

This song, written in Corky's basement in 1970, was recorded here by Richard Bailey at Nest Studios, Birmingham circa mid-70s with Brian Badhams on bass and Roy Adams on drums.


This is a song written for my Romanian friend Miti, who painted to me such an amazing picture of the tumultuous events he witnessed during the 1989 revolution. Tony Kelsey is playing the guitar.

Baby I Need

Here, back from the mists of time is the never-released Magnum single of my song 'Baby I Need'. This was recorded in the mid 70s at AIR studios, London, with Roger Greenaway producing. I do most of the singing with Bob Catley joining in for the stratospheric bits! It took awhile to find the tape of this epic piece lurking in my vaults, along with recordings of the demo done at Nest Studios.

Goodbye Lover

How about this - Richard Tandy and myself recording the demo for a song (later recorded by Wishful Thinking) at his family home in Greet, Birmignham, circa 1968.

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Morgan Album

White Duck

Carl Wayne, on one of his many visits to Tile Cross, sang this into my B&O recorder. It's a quaint story about a guy leaving his pals and haunts for the big time. Carl's story in a way!

I Wrote a Song

... Here is classic Carl singing classic Dave! Recorded on the venerable B&O recorder in moms council house at Tile Cross, this is recently augmented with orchestral parts (thanks to Julie Gunn for stopping by with the cello). I guess it's finished enough to give you an idea of where it is going. A wonderful piece of yesterday, don't you agree?

This time Tomorrow

Carl Wayne sings the demo of this song I wrote in Spain in 1967, into my B&O recorder at Tile Cross. The song was the B side of The Move's 'Curly'.

She Belongs to the Night

I played bass in Geoff Turton’s backing group ‘Houston Treadmill’ from January to April 1970 and this demo was recorded on my B&O recorder in a hotel room in Liverpool (not Wigan) on 5 March 1970. The musicians are Geoff Turton, Steve Wheate and me.

Ill wind that blows

What started it all for me. When Danny King heard this song, he called me at the Motor Spares factory and told me he wanted me in his group. If he hadn't I would have doubtless been the MD at VW by now! Well, maybe not... This version was recorded in Johnny Hayne's studio in 1969, with Carl Wayne, Trevor Burton and Roy Wood.

I've Seen the Light

The final line-up of The Ugly's in February 1969 included Steve Gibbons, Richard Tandy, Willy Hammond, Keith Smart and myself. Here is their never released recording of my song, now augmented with a bit of 2019 post production.

Mary Colinto

This song was played by many Birmignham groups in the 60s, including The Ugly's who made it the B side of 'I've Seen the Light' but this is version was done a little earlier at Ladbrookes studio in Birmingham with Steve Gibbons and Carl Wayne providing harmonies, Trevor Burton and Keith Smart on bass, drums. Those were the days! By the way, 'Colinto' is a made-up word and I'm sad to tell you that the real Mary Colinto died in May 2019.

Love and Best Wishes

Here are The Ugly's circa 1968 (Steve Gibbons, Will Hammond, Jim O'Neill, Jim Holden and myself) playing this song of mine on BBC Local Radio.

One More Day

On 12 June 1978 I recorded four songs at Redan studio in London with Jon Miller producing: 'Windows', 'Polygon', 'Princeton' and this one, 'One More Day'. The doyans of session guys at the time, Herbie Flowers, Kevin Peek and Mike Giles, were all on this track, released in 1979 on the Evolution label.