When Richard Tandy and I put together the Earth Rise concept album in the mid 80s we never dreamed for a nano-second that it would ever become the subject of an orchestrated audio-visual presentation, but that was the reality on November 9, 2019.
The music had been carefully resurrected and re-engineered over a gestation period of months for an orchestral concert to commemorate the fiftieth year of the moon landings. Even so the final few days were hectic with a last minute change of conductor and finally, the assignation of a choir on the morning of the concert.
Nevertheless on the night, everything came together in a fitting climax,
and the room resonated in approval to the message of Earth Rise, an
altogether auspicious occasion.

Earth Rise orchestral presentation
Orchestra Conducted by: Yannick Mayaud.
Orchestral arrangements by:
Emily Abdy, Peter May and Rob Roberts.
Special thanks to: Matt O’Malley, Jonathan Pearce
and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.
Photographs by: Kairi Kingissepp